Audio Books

Can Audio Books Improve Your Vocabulary?

I was lucky enough to go to high school at the oldest public school in the United States.  It prides itself on many things including instilling in its students a love for the classics of literature.  This is probably the major reason why I find it easy to use vocabulary that may seem beyond many […]

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The Audio Books To Downloadable Audio Books Story

The trail from audio books to downloadable audio books has taken decades but some of us don’t even know what an audio book is.  What is an audio book?  An audio book goes by many names: Spoken Word Book Recorded Book Talking Book An audio book is the recording of a person reading the contents […]

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The Amazing World of Audio Books

Are you an audio books fan?  If you aren’t it is time to explore the possibilities that listening to audio books can offer you.  My name is Lillian Keefe and I am the owner of CreateTimeAudio, a downloadable audio books store.  As a mother of 2 young children and as an entrepreneur time is my […]

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