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Kindle DX – The Ultimate Reading Device?

As mentioned in the previous post Amazon planned to announce their new Kindle yesterday and indeed they did.  It is not the “Kindle 3” but the Kindle DX.  I have included a video of the announcement by Jeff Bezos that was put up on Youtube.  Nothing new really came out on the audiobook side.  You […]

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Amazon Kindle 3 – The Revolution in How We Read Continues

It is rumored that Jeff Bezos is going to be announcing the Kindle 3.0 tomorrow at a press conference at Pace University.  This new Kindle will have a larger screen with the focus on making newspapers easier to read.  There have also been rumors that they are also doing this to help make text books […]

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The Amazon Kindle 2 Text to Speech Controversy

As an audio book listener and someone involved in the industry it has been pretty hard to escape the Amazon Kindle 2 Text-to-Speech feature controversy.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to enter the fray since both sides, the authors and disability advocates have very legitimate issues. I read an article this morning written by […]

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Increasing the Battery Life For Your MP3 AudioBook Player

In my last post I mentioned that I would be recommending some gifts that you can get for audio book lovers. Increasing the battery life can be a major concern for those that buy and use digital media players. In this post we will talk about an accessory I recently found that not only increases […]

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Childrens Audio Books Ideal for Vacation Travel

Childrens audio books have saved my sanity a time or two. I have 2 young children 5 and 7 and like most kids this age they constantly need to be entertained. In February I took my first vacation trip with both kids to visit my parents in Puerto Rico. I had actually taken my daughter […]

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