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Romance on Audio for Valentines Day and Beyond

Romance AudioValentine’s Day is tomorrow so odds are you fall into one of 2 groups.  You either love it or “not so much”.  I say “not so much” because most people can’t really hate Valentine’s Day.  It is a day to celebrate love and friendship.  In doing so it does bring to center stage whether you are in a special relationship or not.  Having been in both camps but being happily married now I can identify with both the journey and the destination.

When I was younger and quite honestly had the time I used to read many Romance Books.  In those days romance books a la Harlequin and Silhouette were not as explicit as they are today.  Before romance was a big part of my real life getting lost in the lives of the heroes and heroines in those books was an escape that I remember to this day.

We read and listen to books to be entertained, to live vicariously and sometimes to escape.  If Valentine’s Day is not what you want it to be or your romantic life lacks the sizzle it once had listening to a romantic audio book can give you both ideas and entertainment for the day for lovers.

Though I can appreciate some of the spicier romance now available under the Erotica category that has now been made even more famous by E.L. James I still love the Classic Romance Stories offered up by Jane Austen for example.  With the 200th anniversary of Pride and Prejudice a lot of press has been given to the timelessness of Jane Austen’s books.  There is something at the core of it’s romantic story line that transcends time, a love that is at time impossible but can not be denied.

We updated our links on our past post on Valentine’s Day Audio Books to reflect our current audiobook partnership.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Romance on Audio

To that list which does include Jane Austen I would add Lisa Kleypas and of course E.L. James for some spicier romance.

In time for Valentines, one of Nicholas Sparks books Safe Haven is coming out as a movie.  It might make for a nice romantic night out…


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