Halloween Audio Book Picks 2011

Halloween is around the corner and we have updated our previous posts with updated links to our new audiobook store.  Whether you are looking for mildly scary ghost stories to super scary horror Halloween tends to bring out curiosity about the mysterious.  Scary stories are so great for the spoken word audio format as many of us think about sitting around a campfire sharing a good story to scare everyone to “death”.

On the lighter side kids really enjoy scary stories as well though you do have to be more careful about you play for them.  My son always says he isn’t afraid of anything but afterwards he can’t fall asleep.  When it comes to Children’s Halloween stories definitely take a listen yourself before you share it with your child or worse yet with the other kids in sleepover group!

The picture in this post is the latest and greatest from L.J. Smith the writer of the Vampire Diaries.  Though she is the writer of the original Vampire Diaries and even the Secret Circle there seems to be an interesting back story of others continuing to write further books as ghostwriters.  Either way both series make good listens as well as entertaining TV series.  The Secret Circle is about Witches instead of vampires.  Vampires Stories continue to be immensely popular due to the likes of both the Vampire Diaries and the Twilight Saga which will be coming out with what may be the last movie.

Whether Vampire Stories on audio are your thing or whether you are just thrilled by a good old fashioned horror book by someone like Stephen King odds are you can find some ideas in our updated posts here and our updated pages on CreateTimeAudio.com.

Here is the updated content:

Halloween Stories on Audio

Vampire Stories on Audio

Ghost Stories to Chill the Spine

Kids Halloween Stories on Audio

Vampire Stories Not Just for Halloween

Halloween Audio Books to Make You Scream

As usual have a fun and safe Halloween!



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