March 2011 AudioBook Discounts – Women’s History Month

Marcus Buckingham on AudioMarch is here at we are closing the first quarter of 2011 with a focus on self development.  We’re still focused on the self review and goal setting that accompany the beginning of the New Year.  It is never too late to reposition yourself or move forward from your life challenges.

The March 2011 audio book specials revolve about overcoming challenges, finding your true self as well as moving your business from stagnation to growth.  Sadly the obstacles facing both people and businesses is illustrated by some of the words in the titles:

Transform Your Life

Find Your Strongest Life

Troubled Times


Tough Economic Times

I decided to highlight Marcus Buckingham because his book revolves around the topic of Women and how they can find happiness in ways that you think are against the grain of today’s modern woman.  Also March is  Women’s History Month and though Buckingham’s data driven analysis of surveys may not have been looked upon favorably by some in the woman’s movement I would bet it would resonate with all of the overworked and stressed out moms trying to have it all in today’s modern society (that would include me).

Women’s History Month is a time to highlight the achievements of women but also their lost role in history.  We must never forget that women in whatever role they play in life have a strength that is downright amazing.  First Lady Michelle Obama spoke recently at the International Women of Courage Awards.

Some “modern day” stories highlighting the courage of women besides those highlighted by the First Lady are those of Claudette Colvin,  Darlene Deibler Rose, Flory Van Beek and Shoshana Johnson.  These are a few of the audio books on women we recommended for Women’s History Month.  If you use the coupon code women at checkout you will also get a 20% discount off of your order.

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