December 2010 – Christmas Audio Books and Discounts

A Perfect Christmas by Debby MacomberYes, the Christmas Holiday Season is upon us and we are happy to be able to offer our annual Christmas Audio Book discount code.  We have put together our latest list of Christmas Audiobooks available at and you can save 20% off one of your orders if you use the coupon code xmasrocks upon checkout.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not the Holiday Season tends to symbolize the best in all of us.  The books in this area convey feel good and meaningful stories that can be great inspirations to all of us.  Of course we offer a variety of versions of the Christmas Carol on Audio but this year we are highlighting many of Debbie Macomber’s Christmas audio books which are interestingly in the Romance Audio Books category.  As an author she openly discusses her love of Christmas and has written many books with the Christmas Season in the backdrop.

As part of this post we would also like to notify you of updates in 2 areas related to December.  Our December Audio Books Discount page has been updated and this year we have jumped to our New Year’s Self Help focus a little early.  Many of us don’t start thinking about our goals for next year until after Christmas.  I know I have been guilty of that in the past.  This tends to put us behind the curve on getting the start that we want for the new year.  The audio book specials we have chosen this month include Goal Setting and Life’s Greatest Lessons with the rest focused on similar topics.  I for one want to get a jump start on 2011, especially since I have a bit of a milestone birthday coming up.  You can save even more on these audio books if you include them if you use the xmasrocks coupon code.

The second update is the addition of a Gift Ideas page that highlights our previous posts about gifts for audio book lovers.  We also hope to add more ideas as time allows.  The audio book industry is changing so we hope to provide updated ideas on how to make the most of the audio book collections you already have and the different offerings that may eventually be tied in with ebooks.

We at wish all of you a wonderful Holiday Season and a Great 2011!

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