November 2010 Audio Book Specials and Family Stories Month

November is here and we have updated our audio book discounts page.  This month we have Truman by David McCullough at a discounted price of only $12.30.  I have chosen to highlight this particular book again because November is Family Stories Month.  Biographies in my mind are professionally written family stories.  Many families in the United States get together in the month of November to celebrate Thanksgiving so it seems appropriate that this month would be dedicated to family stories since so many are exchanged during the Thanksgiving Holiday.

In honor of Family Stories Month we have made a discount code of 20% available to those who purchase audio books through the audio book store.  Simply enter the coupon code family at checkout and you will get %20 off your order.  Keep in mind this is for one single order so if you plan to buy more books this month it would make sense to buy them all in one order.

Though we also promised to update you on our Halloween audio books in October we did not get the chance so we will be updating you on the Vampire Audio Books collection that is part of it soon since those books are so popular year round.

Another area of note this month is our discounts on 2 audio books by William Shakespeare.  As You Like It and Cymbeline can be purchased for $10.99 and $9.22 respectively.  Shakespeare can be challenging to read particularly if you are reading it in high school.  I will admit to buying some Cliff Notes on occasion to help me decipher the meaning but I did actually read the books too.  The reality is that Shakespeare is meant to be read aloud so audio books make it easier to understand in my opinion.  We have many Shakespeare audio book performances available on our site.  Many are performed by BBC Radio.

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