August 2010 Discount Audio Books

Download Truman by David McCulloughIt is hard to believe that August is already here and the lazy hot days of summer are close to an end.  We have updated the discount audio books on our CreateTimeAudio specials page.  In a bit of a change we have highlighted audiobooks in the health, finance, self help and biography categories.

As we enjoy the end of summer I like to get back into the swing of things by getting serious about my health and fitness goals.  The summer is so much better for getting out and doing exercise so it is the best time to jump start your fitness goals.  I started on an exercise and diet plan back in May due to health reasons and the cornerstones of that plan were a change in diet to reflect the best foods and starting out with a walking routine.  Both of these things lead to higher energy for living your life to the fullest.  To that end we have included the following discount audiobooks:

Many people don’t thing walking is true exercise.  Believe me not only is it good exercise it can be very therapeutic.  It can also be a good way of getting back into condition for more rigorous exercise plans.

The audio book pictured in this post is of the famous David McCullough’s biography for Harry S. Truman which is on special this month.  McCullough has a gift for bringing history and the people in it to life.  You can also explore some of his other works in our David McCullough audio book collection.

For more of this month’s offerings check out our audio book discounts page which includes deals from many other audio book stores as well.

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