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Stop DrinkingApril is Alcohol Awareness Month and we have decided to put together a page of our audio books on alcoholism.  This collection of audio books covers topics like managing addiction and treatment options.  You can get 20% off your order this month by using the coupon code stopdrinking at checkout.

There are many factors that can lead to a person becoming addicted to alcohol.  Though stress can play a big role so can uncontrollable things like heredity.  Though we have included some of the better known self hypnosis audios on alcohol and addiction we have also included 2 other titles that focus on treatment and recovery.

The Betty Ford Center is well-known for treating sufferers of alcoholism.  Time is All We Have:  Four Weeks at the Betty Ford Center is writer Barnaby Conrad‘s own story of his time at the alcohol treatment center.

All of these People is personal story of reporter Fergal Keane:

At the heart of Fergal Keane’s story is a descent into and recovery from alcoholism, spanning two generations, father and son; a different kind of war, but as much part of the journey of the last 25 years as the bullets and bombs.

Though drinking is everyone’s personal choice, trouble with drinking affects everyone around that person.  Teenage drinking, including binge drinking is becoming more and more of a problem.  As a society we need to understand what can lead to alcoholism.  You can find more information and resources about Alcohol Awareness Month at this US government site.

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