Save Big on Twilight Saga Audiobooks

twilightcoverI couldn’t help but post this so that Twilight fans could take advantage of SimplyAudioBooks 40% off on the Twilight Series tomorrow Friday November 20, 2009.  Simply AudioBooks is offering a series of special offers in honor of Christmas.  They call it the 25 Days of Christmas and are offering some form of savings on titles or shipping or authors.  It is late here on the East Coast but you may be able to still get today’s deal of 25% off Malcolm Gladwell titles.

The Twilight Saga is a phenomenon all to itself.  With the second movie opening at midnight here tonight it is hard to miss the excitement that has been created by Stephenie Meyer’s books.  As I discussed last month Vampire Stories are truly ageless and Stephenie Meyer has made it new again for this generation.  The current movie New Moon is the second in a series of 4 books in the Twilight Series featuring the romance between Edward the Vampire and Bella the mortal.

25 Days of Christmas, 25 Deals in 25 Days!

I will update you on any other deals that come my way to save on audio books during the holiday madness.

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