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neilgaimancoralinePutting on a good Halloween movie might not be the best choice for entertaining children.  Halloween audio books can make for a better choice as a Halloween season activity.  Many of us remember sitting around a campfire as counselors scared us with stories about monsters and ghosts.  That is the same type of feeling listening to scary stories on audio book.  Your imagination is usually much better than the blood and gore in your standard movie fare.

This year’s Audie Award author Neil Gaiman has a great offering for kids.  Coraline is a book about children trapped in a mirror image of their lives which is much darker than the lives they thought they weren’t happy with.  The story goes on as Coraline attempts to rescue the trapped children.

We have quite a few titles to consider in our Children’s Horror and Ghost Stories category.  The free offering The Wonder Fears that I recommended in our Halloween Audio Books page is actually a pretty good choice.  I will say that for any of these books listening to a sample is good to get a feel for how scary it is.  You don’t want to have your kids staying up all night.

Patrick Carman‘s The Land of Elyon Series is another good choice.  It is as much Fantasy and Magic as it is Horror.  Any choice will make for a spooky and fun Halloween!

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