Vampire Stories Not Just for Halloween

charliehustonalreadydeadsmVampire Stories continue to be popular and in many ways have become timeless.  Though monsters like Vampires are popular during the Halloween season, the Vampire has evolved over time to be a character that can be inserted in any setting and any time period.  Vampire stories like Twilight and the Vampire Diaries have brought the mystique to a new generation but think about all the characters and books that have been about vampires.  Everyone seems to have a vampire story for their generation.  Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the recent past and even Dark Shadows going even farther back.

Most vampire books take the myth and center it around a sympathetic character struggling with the curse of being a blood sucking vampire.  They are also usually tortured by falling in love with a mortal which creates drama and conflict for everyone.  I have always loved these stories more for the romance than the blood and horror though.

Besides the stories mentioned there is always the classic Bram Stoker’s Dracula.  Count Dracula is probably the most famous vampire of all time but with so many authors embracing the myth I am not sure that will be true ten to twenty years from now.  Authors like Charlie Huston and Laurell K Hamilton are modernizing our concept of the vampire myth.  These types of books are so popular that they are fueling the growth of a new category of book called paranormal romance.

We have broken out our vampire audio books for your benefit this Halloween.  Worth noting is the fact that the talented Scott Brick narrates Charlie Huston’s audio books.   Please be sure to remember to use the scareme coupon code upon checkout.

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