Amazon Kindle 3 – The Revolution in How We Read Continues

newspaper-readerIt is rumored that Jeff Bezos is going to be announcing the Kindle 3.0 tomorrow at a press conference at Pace University.  This new Kindle will have a larger screen with the focus on making newspapers easier to read.  There have also been rumors that they are also doing this to help make text books more user friendly.  Anyone who has carried their share of textbooks knows how convenient it would be just to carry a small device with all of your textbooks.

In my post back in March about the Kindle 2 Text to Speech controversy I noted that the debate was a good opportunity for innovation.  After the protest put on by Advocates of the Blind in front of the Authors Guild headquarters I must say I have had a change of heart about the read aloud feature.  If the industry can not provide a fair uncumbersome way for handicapped users to access books then this should be provided until such a time as that innovation is delivered.

Amazon has jumped on this quickly because the newspapers are going down across the country.  My local paper the Boston Globe has been on the verge of shutdown for a while now.  Hopefully the Kindle 3.0 will allow for a new model for the newspaper industry to survive.

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