Are Audio Books Good for the Environment?

Music WorldAs hopefully most of you know Earth Day was last Wednesday April 22nd.  It started me thinking about all the choices we make that can effect the environment.  Can listening to audio books help?

It’s true that most of us don’t think about the environment enough on a regular basis.  If we did we would know that over the course of a day we make choices that either are good for the environment, are neutral or are downright bad.

Listening to audio books can help depending on the format.  The environmental problem with printed books is that they are made up of the trees that our environment so badly needs to absorb carbon emissions so right off the bat you know that printed books aren’t the best choice.

Then comes the audio book in CD format which is probably second due to the production processes involved.  Lastly we have downloadable audio books.  These by far leave the least footprint if you don’t take into consideration the computers and digital players that we use to listen to them.  Since for the most part the majority of folks have computers and digital players anyway downloadable audiobook look like the most environmentally friendly choice.

I know, I know, I may be biased…;-)

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