Increasing the Battery Life For Your MP3 AudioBook Player

In my last post I mentioned that I would be recommending some gifts that you can get for audio book lovers. Increasing the battery life can be a major concern for those that buy and use digital media players. In this post we will talk about an accessory I recently found that not only increases the audio quality of your mp3 player but also extends the battery life.

Since audiobooks are longer than the typical music track many of us listen to our audiobooks for longer stretches of time. When discussing battery life I am talking both about the lifetime battery life and the battery life between charges for your digital media player. The charge life of an mp3 player varies but is usually very short. It honestly may also just depend on which one you are using. If you have an mp3 player that does not have a replaceable battery, the life of that device is determined by how good your battery is. This can be a big problem if you dish out lots of money for a digital player that you think will last for years.

Get Boostaroo Now!

A device called the Boostaroo Revolution Amplifier and Splitter can be used to extend the battery life of your audiobook player and also boosts the sound volume up to 400%. Here is an excerpt from the faqs:

Is it true that a Boostaroo can prolong the battery life of my portable player?

It’s a fact. Let’s consider how a typical MP3 player works. In a MP3 player, at least 70 percent of the battery power goes to running circuitry that produces the audio output for you to listen. As the battery power is drained. The audio signal is the first thing that diminishes. When this happens, you have to crank up the volume to make up for that loss, and then audio quality becomes more distorted. However, turning up the volume on your player also drains the batteries faster. It’s a vicious cycle. Our Boostaroo products let you leave the volume lower on your audio player, so less battery power is needed from the player to drive your audio. Under the correct conditions, you almost double the battery life of your player by using a Boostaroo. Green Tip: The Boostaroo is a low power drain device. You can put used batteries from high power drain devices in the Boostaroo. There is plenty of life in them to run the Boostaroo. That’s just another way you can save money and recycle with the Boostaroo.

I have found the Boostaroo useful not only for this but the sound amplification is great since many MP3 players have the volume controls set for listening to music which is usually lower since they don’t want to hurt people’s hearing. The disadvantage there is that it ends up making audio books harder to listen to. I also find that the splitter is useful for my kids since both of them can listen to an audiobook at the same time. If you remember I showed how listening to Childrens Audio Books was great for getting through a long flight.

The Boostaroo Revolution Amplifier and Splitter would be another great gift not only for the audio book lover but for students who listen to long lectures on their mp3 players. It is about as small as your player and you just attach it to your players headphone jack. Click on the picture below to get more information.

Next up will be our recommendations for audio book players…

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