The Secret Audio Book Reviewed

Does the Secret by Rhonda Byrne really change lives? If you look at the press coverage of the stories of people who have read, listened to or seen the DVD for the Secret you would come to the conclusion that the book touches a need that people have been desperate for. I listened to the audio book back in May and I must say it was overall a positive experience. If you do a quick search on the internet or even ask your friends you would quickly find out that the Secret is the Law of Attraction.

There is much controversy regarding this work because it appears to interchange references to God with references to “the Universe” from which all energy is produced. I confess I am a Christian and if you let yourself literally interpret some of the things in the book you might think that it is proposing a godless world where only you control your destiny. As I was researching the book for this review I found many of these types of interpretations but interestingly I found Rhonda Byrne’s inference that the theories in her book and the belief in religion can coexist to be true at least for me.

The audio book itself is an easy listen with a multi-voice cast and music that really added to the experience. The cast of narrators are the experts that were interviewed for the movie and it appears the interviews are being taken directly from the movie. One of the criticisms that rang true to me was that the Law of Attraction is being touted as something so powerful that you can attract material goods(like jewelry) overnight. There is a scene in the movie where a woman is looking at a necklace and miraculously having it put around her shoulders by a man shortly thereafter. This does the power of this concept a disservice. I think listening to the audio book actually turned out to be better for me since I did not have these visuals thrown in front of me that made it seem as though the Secret is all about materialism. It is not.

Though some of the narrators that were interviewed assert that the Secret is not about the power of positive thinking I think it is something pretty close to it. The Law of Attraction basically is that what you think about and focus on you attract whether that is something positive or negative. I have found this to be true in my life and have seen the reverse work as well. I am a glass half-full person and I have observed that the glass half empty people seem not to get the same out of life that I do. My life is by no stretch of the imagination perfect but if you focus on the positive and develop goals and plans to get you in the direction you want you will attract what you focus on.

The audio book version of the Secret is recommended for anyone who wants to explore strategies for moving their life forward in a positive way. It is not the cure all and end all as Oprah Winfrey stated in an interview with Larry King but the theories and approaches within the book can change your life if applied with some common sense.

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