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 This post is more of a spur of the moment  since I was in the process of researching whether I should recommend the Amazon Kindle not only on the basis of being an ebook reader…but also a way of listening to your audio books.  I have been trying to get one of my own so that I can really take it for a test drive but supposedly the orders are backlogged and there really doesn’t seem to be much information on when their inventory will catch up with the demand.

Many people love audio books for the convenience of carrying around many books all on one device.  EBook readers have that same appeal.  Both are probably targetted toward the information lover/junkie that I confess I am.  I was hoping that the Amazon Kindle would be able to marry both my love of ebooks and audio books but unfortunately it seems that it is not quite ready for that.

I was going to write an indepth review but ran across a video review that not only covered all the bases but made me break out in laughter a few times.  The review is by Robert Scoble and can be viewed on his blog.  I tried to see if he had it on youtube but he didn’t have his complete review there.

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Like Robert Scoble I wanted to love the Amazon Kindle and maybe Amazon will take all the advice that now has been put out there for them and come up with a more usable intuitive device.  As of right now you can download Audible audio books from the Amazon site and transfer them to the Kindle but I think I will wait for now….


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