Audio Book Catalogs Available for Free Download

Audio book catalogs are now available from CreateTimeAudio. Some of them were available a couple of months ago but I decided to wait to announce it here when the latest catalogs were added. These catalogs are available in the following categories:

Health & Recreation
Arts & Drama
Foreign Languages
Crime & Thrillers
TV & Film
Radio Shows

They are downloadable pdfs so you will need the free Adobe reader if you don’t have it. Here is the link for that free Adobe Acrobat Reader here. You can also visit the actual catalog website referenced later for more detailed instructions.

So what do you do with these free downloadable pdfs? You can use these to help you identify books you would like to get in a format that is easier for some than surfing a website. Many people build an audio book library on the fly but catalogs like these can help you identify audio books that you may not have thought of. By browsing a particular category or sub-category where you have found some of your favorite authors you may find others that you did not know about.

Browsing offline and printing the catalogs out are offered as options for users of the CreateTimeAudio store so that users can review at their on leisure while not always being next to the computer. If you have friends or family that are or might be interested in audio books they can be emailed the link to the audio book catalogs themselves, to the site or they may browse through your printed copy if you choose to print it.

Once you have found books that peak your interested you can bring it up on the computer and the links to the store are there for your convenience. At the store you can get more information on the audio book including listening to a sample.

As mentioned before audio books are great tools to help you accomplish your New Year’s Resolutions. Browsing through the audio book catalogs, particularly in the Self-Help, Health & Recreation and Foreign Languages categories I’m sure will give you ideas for what you want to accomplish in 2008.

As the owner of CreateTimeAudio I am pleased to provide this service. Please feel free to provide feedback, we always love to hear from you!

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  1. Superlistener:

    I just got my login and password and filled out my Profile. How do I get my audiobooks reviewed and added to your catalog? I market primarily to a younger audience, recording historical fiction novels primarily. Please check out my website and let me know what you think. Please listen to the Henty historical novel snippets in particular. Thank you!

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