Audio Book Gifts Come in Many Varieties

Audio book gifts are great for many people on you holiday shopping list.  You can give them in a variety of ways that might not be obvious.  As the owner of a downloadable audio book store my choice is to burn audio books onto CD with custom covers and give them as physical gifts but this is not the only option for you.  You can even incorporate an audio book with your gift of a digital player like an IPod.  With an IPod you can go even further by buying an ITunes gift certificate that the person can use to buy their own audio books through the ITunes store.  You can buy audio book gift memberships at places like BooksFree or Audible.

Audio book gifts can be great for many people on your list.  Here are some examples of how I incorporate audio books into my holiday gift giving.

My husband is a busy business person who doesn’t have much time to read.  He also isn’t really that much of a techie, meaning that any downloading of books or music is usually left up to me.  His interests range from sports and business to current affairs.  In order to make things easy for him I will buy him some downloadable books and burn them to CD in a format that he can play in his car while commuting to work or to listen to while traveling for work.  Audio book gifts are great for business people and heavy commuters because they can listen to these books during “dead” time and still be able to either educate themselves on the latest business theories or listen to a biography for someone they admire.

For my children I will probably buy some physical books that are accompanied by an audio book, you can usually find these at the major retail book stores.  This is great fun for them and at ages 6 and 4 continue to build their vocabulary and foster their love of reading.  I might also burn some downloadable audio books to listen to at night to give myself a break now and then.

For my older nieces that are both audio book listeners and avid music listeners I will probably buy an ITunes gift certificate so they have the option of buying either books or music.  You can easiIy buy these online and print them out to put in a card.  I can do this for my sisters as well who are good with computers.  One of my sisters loves languages and audio books are great for learning a new language.  So far she has learned Japanese and some Korean, maybe I will add to her Learn Korean Language audio books.

Audio book gifts are also great for older people like my parents and in-laws.  All of mine are old enough that reading actual books is becoming a little challenging.  Depending on how techie they are you can buy them memberships that allow them to do the downloading themselves or you can do what I do.  I buy, download and burn them to CD and wrap them.  The tricky part with doing all of this stuff yourself is to make sure you know the person’s interests, you may even get them to tell you what book they have been dieing to read.

So to wrap up here’s a list of ways to give audio book gifts:

  1. Download and burn to CD, package them and give them as a physical gift.
  2. Download them onto a new digital/mp3 player that you buy as a gift.  If you choose the IPod buy an ITunes gift certificate to add both audio books and music to your gift.
  3. Buy audio book gift memberships at places like Audible, Booksfree or Simply Audiobooks

So as you can see audio book gifts are good for more than stocking stuffers.

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