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Are you an audio books fan?  If you aren’t it is time to explore the possibilities that listening to audio books can offer you.  My name is Lillian Keefe and I am the owner of CreateTimeAudio, a downloadable audio books store.  As a mother of 2 young children and as an entrepreneur time is my most precious resource.  I discovered audio books many years ago when they came out in cassette tape format.  I listened to them while I was commuting or exercising.  I’ve loved books my whole life so when I started running into problems finding the time to sit and read, audio books was a great solution.  

Unfortunately many people are not aware of the amount of quality audio books that are available nowadays.  Even someone who would not consider themselves readers would be surprised to find titles that would interest them.  The world of audio books continues to grow as they become more and more easy to use.  Downloadable audio books are expanding the world of audio books to many people who may not have considered them.  The popularity of the IPod and other MP3 digital players has made it well known that you can not only have a collection of your favorite music in the palm of your hand but you can also have your favorite book as well.

A question I am often asked is when can you listen to an audio book?  This is where the power of this format shines.  Here is a short list of times when listening is not only convenient but is helping you get more out of your time.

  • Commuting
  • Biking
  • Jogging
  • Working Out at the Gym
  • Traveling for Business or Pleasure
  • Gardening
  • Knitting
  • Cooking
  • Doing Housework

You can easily add to this list based on all the dead time you find in your day to day routines.

So What is TheAudioBooksBlog All About?

As the host of this blog I hope to provide information on all aspects of the audio books industry to both new and veteran audio book fans.  The title of this post indicates how I feel about this industry and the audio books themselves.  Through the spoken word audio books bring to life the worlds of learning, entertainment and escapism.

As the years have passed I have found out that this industry is an entertainment medium in many ways similar to movies.  Did you know that there is such an award as an Audie?  There is and it is the Oscar of the audio books industry.  Narrators are as important as the writers in some cases.

We hope to provide you with reviews on the latest books that are released on audio as well as bring to light some classics that are timeless.  I welcome everyone to explore the benefits that are only available through the enjoyment of audio books.  We will not only highlight our own titles because we feel it is important to bring you the full breadth of what is available to you as a consumer.  We hope you participate in this blog as well!


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