Entertaining Childrens Audio Book Series

We have discussed the value of using audio books to help children read.  We have also shared how to use audio books for vacation travel.  As a parent it is often challenging to occupy your children’s time constructively.  We are often tempted to plop them in front of the TV(mostly public television) or with some […]

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Childrens Audio Books Ideal for Vacation Travel

Childrens audio books have saved my sanity a time or two. I have 2 young children 5 and 7 and like most kids this age they constantly need to be entertained. In February I took my first vacation trip with both kids to visit my parents in Puerto Rico. I had actually taken my daughter […]

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Audio Book Benefits for the ClassRoom

Some people would consider using audio books in the classroom as a form of cheating but the audio book benefits far outweigh any negatives.  Though some children may like reading more than others there are many of us who hated to read as kids.  A bad experience with reading as a child may put one […]

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