Kids Halloween Stories on Audio

neilgaimancoralinePutting on a good Halloween movie might not be the best choice for entertaining children.  Halloween audio books can make for a better choice as a Halloween season activity.  Many of us remember sitting around a campfire as counselors scared us with stories about monsters and ghosts.  That is the same type of feeling listening to scary stories on audio book.  Your imagination is usually much better than the blood and gore in your standard movie fare.

This year’s Audie Award author Neil Gaiman has a great offering for kids.  Coraline is a book about children trapped in a mirror image of their lives which is much darker than the lives they thought they weren’t happy with.  The story goes on as Coraline attempts to rescue the trapped children.

We have quite a few titles to consider in our Children’s Horror and Ghost Stories category.  The free offering The Wonder Fears that I recommended in our Halloween Audio Books page is actually a pretty good choice.  I will say that for any of these books listening to a sample is good to get a feel for how scary it is.  You don’t want to have your kids staying up all night.

Patrick Carman‘s The Land of Elyon Series is another good choice.  It is as much Fantasy and Magic as it is Horror.  Any choice will make for a spooky and fun Halloween!

Vampire Stories Not Just for Halloween

charliehustonalreadydeadsmVampire Stories continue to be popular and in many ways have become timeless.  Though monsters like Vampires are popular during the Halloween season, the Vampire has evolved over time to be a character that can be inserted in any setting and any time period.  Vampire stories like Twilight and the Vampire Diaries have brought the mystique to a new generation but think about all the characters and books that have been about vampires.  Everyone seems to have a vampire story for their generation.  Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the recent past and even Dark Shadows going even farther back.

Most vampire books take the myth and center it around a sympathetic character struggling with the curse of being a blood sucking vampire.  They are also usually tortured by falling in love with a mortal which creates drama and conflict for everyone.  I have always loved these stories more for the romance than the blood and horror though.

Besides the stories mentioned there is always the classic Bram Stoker’s Dracula.  Count Dracula is probably the most famous vampire of all time but with so many authors embracing the myth I am not sure that will be true ten to twenty years from now.  Authors like Charlie Huston and Laurell K Hamilton are modernizing our concept of the vampire myth.  These types of books are so popular that they are fueling the growth of a new category of book called paranormal romance.

We have broken out our vampire audio books for your benefit this Halloween.  Worth noting is the fact that the talented Scott Brick narrates Charlie Huston’s audio books.   Please be sure to remember to use the scareme coupon code upon checkout.

Halloween Audio Books to Make You Scream

legendofsleepyhollowHalloween month is upon us and we have compiled a list of audio books to help you enjoy the horror and fun that Halloween is all about.  If you have sat around a campfire and listened to a scary or spooky story you know that there is childlike fun in being scared out of your wits.

Our Halloween Audio Book recommendations include the classics Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Something Wicked This Way Comes to more modern stories like A Grown-up’s Halloween and The Best Halloween Ever.  Also please note our 2 free scary titles The Wonder Fears and Night Terrors.

As part of the fun CreateTimeAudio is providing a 20% Discount Code off of your purchase.  The code is “scareme” without the quotes.  It is a one time use coupon so you need to add all of the books you are buying to your cart first before you add the coupon code.  This will maximize your savings.

We also decided to break down the recommendations even further by recommendations or lists for Ghost Stories, Vampire Stories, Witch Stories, Frankenstein, and Children’s Horror and Ghost Stories.  We also could not exclude the “King” of Horror himself Stephen King.  We will be posting about them this month as well.

Update:  In 2013 you can get a new spin on the Sleepy Hollow with the new TV Show on Fox which is spine tingling but with a new take on the original story of Sleepy Hollow.  The preview is below:

Agatha Christie Week Proves Her Timelessness

Agatha Christie would have been 119 years old today.  She was born in 1890 and sadly passed away in 1976.  Known as the Queen of Crime she is still being discovered 33 years after her passing.  We have Agatha Christie’s books on audio and they continue to be best sellers.  Having written 80 Books as well as plays she was a very prolific writer.  The great part about discovering her work even now is that you have a huge collection available right now.

Agatha Christie Week coincides with her birthday and continues to expose her work and generate more fans.  Her famous characters Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple have entertained audiences in books, audio books and movies.  Her works still are being adapted into film and translated into more and more languages since her estate is very active in protecting and promoting her works.

Here are my favorite Agatha Christie books:

More Agatha Christie Audio Books .

September 2009 Audio Book Discounts

couponqueenWe have updated our audio book discounts page for September 2009.  It has been a while since my last update.  We picked books from a variety of genres including Romance, Thrillers and Biographical. Authors on the list include Sandra Brown, Karen Marie Moning and Lee Child.   For those that may be new, these discounts are shown in the price already.  We also have a special coupon code that you can use this month to get 20% off of any book that you order from CreateTimeAudio.  The code is effective throughout the month of September and can be used multiple times.  The coupon code is backtoschool in honor of all the students going back to school across the US.  The code should be entered after you put the audio books in your cart.

We also have added a retailer to our list of other audio book retailers on the discounts page.  eMusic has actually been offering audio books since 1998.  They have a bigger inventory of DRM-free MP3 audio book titles.  They also currently offering a free audio book with a free trial.  We always feel we should offer our readers as many options to listening to audio books so check it out if you are so inclined.

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