Alcoholism Help on Audio

Stop DrinkingApril is Alcohol Awareness Month and we have decided to put together a page of our audio books on alcoholism.  This collection of audio books covers topics like managing addiction and treatment options.  You can get 20% off your order this month by using the coupon code stopdrinking at checkout.

There are many factors that can lead to a person becoming addicted to alcohol.  Though stress can play a big role so can uncontrollable things like heredity.  Though we have included some of the better known self hypnosis audios on alcohol and addiction we have also included 2 other titles that focus on treatment and recovery.

The Betty Ford Center is well-known for treating sufferers of alcoholism.  Time is All We Have:  Four Weeks at the Betty Ford Center is writer Barnaby Conrad‘s own story of his time at the alcohol treatment center.

All of these People is personal story of reporter Fergal Keane:

At the heart of Fergal Keane’s story is a descent into and recovery from alcoholism, spanning two generations, father and son; a different kind of war, but as much part of the journey of the last 25 years as the bullets and bombs.

Though drinking is everyone’s personal choice, trouble with drinking affects everyone around that person.  Teenage drinking, including binge drinking is becoming more and more of a problem.  As a society we need to understand what can lead to alcoholism.  You can find more information and resources about Alcohol Awareness Month at this US government site.

Humor on Audio and April 2010 Audio Book Discounts

David Sedaris Box SetAudio books to make you laugh, now that is something that everyone needs.  April is National Humor Month so we want to highlight our Humor and Comedy audio books at

National Humor Month was started back in 1976 by best selling humorist Larry Wilde.  It was designed to raise public awareness about the benefits of laughter in areas ranging from Health to Communication.  I personally agree since I make it a point of watching sitcom reruns whenever life is getting to stressful.  The laughter is truly therapeutic.

Our Humor and Comedy audio books include a wide range of both British(like Monty Python) and American favorites.  David Sedaris fits in both categories since he was born in the United States but currently lives in London.  His essay collections made it to the New York Times Best Seller list.  This month we are offering The Ultimate David Sedaris Box Set at a significant discount with our April Audio Book Discounts.  The collection includes 6 of his essay collections so you should definitely take advantage.  If you add the special coupon code humor at checkout you can save an additional 20% of your single order.

The most popular books in the Humor category tend to be in Political Satire but we also have biographies that are considered comedies as well.  Steve Martin’s memoirs on his years in stand up comedy is a good example, Born Standing Up: Steve Martin.

Other offerings this month include JA Jance’s Trial by Fire and Michael Connelly’s The Narrows.  If you are a fan of The Secret you may find the Spiritual Liberation audio book by Michael Bernard Beckwith of interest too.  Check out the audio books discount page for the full list of this month’s offerings.

Don’t forget to laugh, not only on this National Humor Month but every day.  It truly can make a world of difference.

Audies 2010 – The Excitement Begins

Audie Award Nominations 2010Every year The Audio Publishers Association sponsors the Audies® Awards for Audio Books.  It is the only one of its kind in the audio book industry.  We are a proud member of this trade association that stands up for the issues that are important to the audio book industry.  They offer a variety of membership benefits for businesses, publishers and narrators.  They also put on the Audio Publishers Association Conference (APAC) that this year is being held in New York on the day before the Audies® Gala which is going to be held on May 25th.

The Audies® are awarded across 30 categories including Distinguished Achievement in Production and Audiobook of the Year and will be announced at The Museum of the City of New York.

We are happy to highlight that we have16  audiobooks in our CreateTimeAudio catalog that have been nominated this year.  Our Audies® Nominated Titles include LA Meyer’s In the Belly of the Bloodhound and Mississippi Jack.  LA Meyer won last year for Curse of the Blue Tattoo in 3 categories Distinguished Acheivement in Production, Solo Narration Female and Teens.  With 2 entries she may be able to win the coveted Audio Book of the Year Award which went to Neil Gaiman’s The GraveYard Book.

The nominations for the Audiobook of the Year and Distinguished Achievement in Production don’t come out until April so we will have to see.  The follow up to Audible produced The Chopin Manuscript which won in 2008 is on the list.  The Copper Bracelet has been nominated under the Original Work Category.

The Full List of Audies® 2010 Nominations can be found at the APA’s Press Release.

March 2010 Audio Book Discounts Updated

We have updated the audio book discounts page for March 2010.  It is hard to believe that march is already upon us.  Though many of us have tossed some of our New Year’s Resolutions aside I always feel that it is never too late in setting goals for whatever you find important in your life right now.  This month’s audio book specials have selections for 2 popular areas when it comes to self improvement, weight loss and goal setting.

The Zone and the Atkins diets have been around for quite a while and yet continue to be popular for helping you to reach your weight loss and weight management goals.  This month we have 2 audio books The Atkins Essentials and Mastering the Zone.  Both are relatively short audio books at 3 hours.  They give you the essence of what you need to get started with these dietary approaches.  With Spring around the corner now is a great time to get started.

The Self Help arena has been getting a lot of heat lately because of the unfortunate death of some people at a sweat lodge ceremony at a function with Self Help guru James Arthur Ray.  I have been a great fan of self help books.  I confess I have never attended a live event for any of the so called gurus.  You can get a lot out of self help books if you can filter them for what makes sense for you.

Goal Setting and Positive Mindset are areas that are considered self help.  The reality is that most people do not get what they want unless they have a clear plan in mind.  That is where Goal Setting and a Positive Mindset come into play.  This month we are offering a discount on Goal Setting a Simple Solutions for Busy People.  In today’s information overload society it is important to have a plan where you focus on what you want to focus on.

Check out our other audio book specials.

Simply AudioBooks Cranks Up Christmas Specials

neilgaimanI reported back on November 19th that Simply Audio Books was offering a series of special offers for the Christmas 2009 season.  As the 25 Days of Christmas wind down Simply Audio Books is cranking up the deals.

As readers of this blog know Neil Gaiman won the 2009 AudioBook of the Year award at the Audies for the Graveyard Book.  Simply AudioBooks is offering a 25% off Special on their Neil Gaiman audio books tomorrow Thursday December 10th.  If you read this in time you should be able to take advantage of today’s special of 30% off the Christmas Classic A Christmas Carol which is a bit more popular this year because of the motion picture release of Jim Carey’s Christmas Carol.

If you are a heavy commuter or know one Simply AudioBooks rental model is very convenient.  It is similar to Netflix in the way that it works.  You create a list and based on the membership you choose you get the number of audio books on CD that you have signed up for based on their availability.

The remaining specials are outlined below for your convenience:

Dec. 9. 2009 — 30% Off A Christmas Carol

Dec. 10. 2009 — 25% Off Neil Gaiman

Dec. 11. 2009 — Free Express Shipping on All Purchases

Dec. 12. 2009 — 15% Off All Audio Book Purchases

Dec. 13. 2009 — 1 Month Free Rental Membership with Gift Card Purchase

Here is the link:

25 Days of Christmas, 25 Deals in 25 Days!