Hispanic Heritage Month 2010 Audio Book Spotlight

Jorge Ramos audio booksIn honor of Hispanic Heritage Month we are spotlighting some of the Hispanic authors in our audio book collection.  For fans of Univision and members of the wider latino/hispanic audience Jorge Ramos isn’t a stranger.  He has been the news anchorman for UniVision for more than twenty years.  Though much of his work is appreciated by the hispanic community his book the Latino Wave seemed to careen him further into the national spotlight.

The Latino Wave is a book about how the Latino population is having more power in American politics primarily because it is forecast to grow into a majority in the foreseeable future.  Though written in 2004 the book offers many insights into the growing influence of the Hispanic community.  The Spanish Language version of the book La Ola Latina is read by Jorge Ramos himself.

We also have both language versions of Ramos’ Dying to Cross about a tragedy involving immigration.  Though Morir en El Intento has garnered some criticism for attributing blame inconsistently it does humanize the quest that drives many immigrants to find a way into the U.S.  As a naturalized U.S. Citizen from Mexico it of course has a personal perspective.

What follow are some of our Spanish Content and Hispanic Author Audio Books:

Malinche by Laura Ezquivel Read by Maria Conchita Alonso

Don Quixote De La Mancha by Miguel Cervantes Read by Robert Whitfield

El Secreto By Rhonda Byrnes Read by Rebeca Sanchez Manriquez

Su Mejor Vida Ahora by Joel Osteen Read by Gustavo Rex

Las Cinco Personas que Encontraras en el Cielo (The Five People You Meet In Heaven) by Mitch Albom, Read By Francisco Rivela

Los Santos de Agua Mansa California by Alex Espinoza Read By Cony Madera

2666 by Roberto Bolaño Translated by Natasha Wimmer and Read by John Lee, Armando Durán, G. Valmont Thomas, Scott Brick, and Grover Gardner Winner of the 2008 National Book Critics’ Circle Award for Fiction.

We hope to continue to grow our collection of spanish content audio books.  Enjoy Hispanic Heritage Month 2010!

Audio Book Savings for September 2010

Ann Rule Green River, Running Red

Ann Rule Green River, Running Red

Yes the summer is almost over as we head into Labor Day Weekend. For September we have a a couple of themes for our audio book discounts which seem to be prolific women authors and getting focused on achievement.

I confess that sometimes I can’t change the channel when those news mystery magazines highlight some strange case of murder.  It seems to be human nature to want to know what motivates someone to unspeakable acts.  We are always looking for a why in the story.  Sometimes that answer is sadly there is no why only a sick individual.   Ann Rule is a well-known true crime writer that tries to explain some of the strange crimes that take place more often than we would like to admit.  The Green River, Running Red audio book on special this month is a journey through the lives of not only the infamous serial murderer but also of his victims.

The True Crime genre is one that we have not highlighted before but if you walk through any of those brick and mortar book stores you can see how popular these titles are.  Ann Rule also defined the genre with her first book about Ted Bundy who she ended up working with at a Seattle suicide crisis center.  It shouldn’t be surprising that these types of audio books are interesting to me since it is part of the Crime and Thrillers category that I love so much.  I invite you to explore the True Crime audio books in our collection.

The other prolific female authors on our discounts page are Sandra Brown, Anne Rice and Nora Roberts.  All 3 have been able to turn out best selling audio books consistently over the years.

The other titles on special this month revolve around Goal Setting and maintaining a Positive Attitude.  Though selp help books on these topics can be popular at the beginning of the year they also are popular when you begin major undertakings in life.  September is a month that coincides with the beginning of a new school year or a fresh start after a summer of recuperation.  Let’s welcome the Fall Season with a new attitude!

Listen to the Classic Wizard of Oz on Audio

L. Frank Baum's Wizard of Oz

L. Frank Baum's Wizard of Oz

Today Google reminded everyone that it is the 71st anniversary of the classic 1939 movie the Wizard of Oz.  I have fond memories of seeing the movie but also of reading the book by L. Frank Baum.  We have a few different offerings of this classic audio book.

Some may be surprised to know that there were other books though that were based on his original Wizard of Oz.  There are said to be thirteen sequels to the Wizard of Oz.  To list a few there are The Land of Oz, The Marvelous Land of Oz and The Patchwork Girl of Oz.

Some of the characters are the same like the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodsman but the central character is sometimes a boy named Tip versus Dorothy.

Last year I made a conscious effort to show the movie to my 2 young children and it is amazing how timeless this classic is.  They were as amazed and delighted even with the less than advanced special effects available back in 1939.

I was surprised to find in researching this post that there actually was a full cast sequel to the movie version with Judy Garland that was supposedly scrapped because of her rising popularity.  The World of Oz definitely lends itself to performance and audio makes for a great medium for that.  The pictured version above is a full cast dramatization of the original story.

I definitely plan on downloading the audio book sequels for my kids who will be thrilled to know there were more sequels to the Wizard of Oz.

Here is a link to all the Wizard of Oz audio books in our CreateTimeAudio collection.

I also thought you might enjoy the original Wizard of Oz movie preview:

August 2010 Discount Audio Books

Download Truman by David McCulloughIt is hard to believe that August is already here and the lazy hot days of summer are close to an end.  We have updated the discount audio books on our CreateTimeAudio specials page.  In a bit of a change we have highlighted audiobooks in the health, finance, self help and biography categories.

As we enjoy the end of summer I like to get back into the swing of things by getting serious about my health and fitness goals.  The summer is so much better for getting out and doing exercise so it is the best time to jump start your fitness goals.  I started on an exercise and diet plan back in May due to health reasons and the cornerstones of that plan were a change in diet to reflect the best foods and starting out with a walking routine.  Both of these things lead to higher energy for living your life to the fullest.  To that end we have included the following discount audiobooks:

Many people don’t thing walking is true exercise.  Believe me not only is it good exercise it can be very therapeutic.  It can also be a good way of getting back into condition for more rigorous exercise plans.

The audio book pictured in this post is of the famous David McCullough’s biography for Harry S. Truman which is on special this month.  McCullough has a gift for bringing history and the people in it to life.  You can also explore some of his other works in our David McCullough audio book collection.

For more of this month’s offerings check out our audio book discounts page which includes deals from many other audio book stores as well.

July 2010 Audio Books Specials – Culinary Arts Month

This post is to update everyone on the audio book discounts that are highlighted for the month of July 2010.  Summer is such a fun time for listening to audio books.  Typically we have more free time than usual(which I know at times isn’t much).  A fun “listen” would be Sex and the City which is based on the series on HBO(or is that vice versa?)  that has spawned a series of movies.  As a special treat you can hear the series own Cynthia Nixon as the narrator.  She plays the lawyer in the series and the 2 movies.  This month you can download the Sex and the City audio book for under $12 US.

Nora Roberts and Sandra Brown continue to make the list of audio book specials with Hidden Riches and Breath of Scandal.  Check out our other audio book specials for the month.

Though we do have one food focused book on our discounts page, Superfoods Healthstyle.  I wanted to recommend some Julia Child’s audio books in the spirit of Culinary Arts Month.  You are probably most familiar with the recent take on the Julia Child story because of the movie Julie and Julia which stars both Meryl Streep and the wonderful Amy Adams.  We do offer Julia and Julia on audio but I also wanted to point out the Julia Child biography as well.  Written by Laura Shapiro it gives insight into Julia Child’s improbable success story.  You can get a 25% discount if you use the coupon code getcaughtlistening .  This code will be active at least until the end of August as part of our support for the Get Caught Listening campaign.