January 2011 Audio Book Specials

Tips for Getting a Job

January almost got away from us but we have finally updated our audio book specials page.  The titles on special this month focus on health, diet and job hunting skills.  At the beginning of the year many of us take on new goals in these areas and the titles on special this month are best sellers in the space.

The YOU Series of books by Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen offer many practical tips for Staying Young and Dieting in healthy ways.  Jorge Cruise’s classic 3-Hour Diet focuses on resetting your metabolism for easier weight loss.  SuperFoods HealthStyle has been featured in the past and identifies superfoods that will improve your health.

Though health and weight loss are important goals to have we have highlighted the Get Your Dream Job! audio book because nowadays the job market has become very competitive.  Whether you are in the fortunate position to have a job and looking for your next job or whether you are on the bench competing with others for a good job this audiobook will provide you with tips to improve your job hunting and career success skills.

Since we know many of us don’t always hit the new year full steam we will continue to highlight and offer specials in the typical areas of New Year’s resolutions through March.  I know that is usually when I hit my stride 😉

We have decided to extend the special offers titles from January into February so you will be able to get the above titles at a discount through the end of February…

December 2010 – Christmas Audio Books and Discounts

A Perfect Christmas by Debby MacomberYes, the Christmas Holiday Season is upon us and we are happy to be able to offer our annual Christmas Audio Book discount code.  We have put together our latest list of Christmas Audiobooks available at and you can save 20% off one of your orders if you use the coupon code xmasrocks upon checkout.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not the Holiday Season tends to symbolize the best in all of us.  The books in this area convey feel good and meaningful stories that can be great inspirations to all of us.  Of course we offer a variety of versions of the Christmas Carol on Audio but this year we are highlighting many of Debbie Macomber’s Christmas audio books which are interestingly in the Romance Audio Books category.  As an author she openly discusses her love of Christmas and has written many books with the Christmas Season in the backdrop.

As part of this post we would also like to notify you of updates in 2 areas related to December.  Our December Audio Books Discount page has been updated and this year we have jumped to our New Year’s Self Help focus a little early.  Many of us don’t start thinking about our goals for next year until after Christmas.  I know I have been guilty of that in the past.  This tends to put us behind the curve on getting the start that we want for the new year.  The audio book specials we have chosen this month include Goal Setting and Life’s Greatest Lessons with the rest focused on similar topics.  I for one want to get a jump start on 2011, especially since I have a bit of a milestone birthday coming up.  You can save even more on these audio books if you include them if you use the xmasrocks coupon code.

The second update is the addition of a Gift Ideas page that highlights our previous posts about gifts for audio book lovers.  We also hope to add more ideas as time allows.  The audio book industry is changing so we hope to provide updated ideas on how to make the most of the audio book collections you already have and the different offerings that may eventually be tied in with ebooks.

We at wish all of you a wonderful Holiday Season and a Great 2011!

November 2010 Audio Book Specials and Family Stories Month

November is here and we have updated our audio book discounts page.  This month we have Truman by David McCullough at a discounted price of only $12.30.  I have chosen to highlight this particular book again because November is Family Stories Month.  Biographies in my mind are professionally written family stories.  Many families in the United States get together in the month of November to celebrate Thanksgiving so it seems appropriate that this month would be dedicated to family stories since so many are exchanged during the Thanksgiving Holiday.

In honor of Family Stories Month we have made a discount code of 20% available to those who purchase audio books through the audio book store.  Simply enter the coupon code family at checkout and you will get %20 off your order.  Keep in mind this is for one single order so if you plan to buy more books this month it would make sense to buy them all in one order.

Though we also promised to update you on our Halloween audio books in October we did not get the chance so we will be updating you on the Vampire Audio Books collection that is part of it soon since those books are so popular year round.

Another area of note this month is our discounts on 2 audio books by William Shakespeare.  As You Like It and Cymbeline can be purchased for $10.99 and $9.22 respectively.  Shakespeare can be challenging to read particularly if you are reading it in high school.  I will admit to buying some Cliff Notes on occasion to help me decipher the meaning but I did actually read the books too.  The reality is that Shakespeare is meant to be read aloud so audio books make it easier to understand in my opinion.  We have many Shakespeare audio book performances available on our site.  Many are performed by BBC Radio.

October 2010 Audio Book Discounts – James Patterson Update

2005 International Thriller Book of the YearOctober has come upon us fast and we wanted to notify you of our monthly update to our audio book specials as well as update you on our James Patterson audio book collection.

One of the audio books that is being discounted this month is James Patterson’s Honeymoon.  It prompted us to update the spotlight section of our website dedicated to the growing catalog of books written by both him and his coauthors.  We updated the review and series pages to include the latest audio books that have been added to the collection.

Though most of the new James Patterson audio books in our catalog are just new releases of his latest books we also added some older titles that have been made available to us in audio book format.  Of particular note is the addition of the Women’s Murder Club Box Set which includes the first 3 Books in the Series, 1st to Die 2nd Chance and 3rd Degree.  This completes a whole that I really wanted to fill for our customers since I am a big fan of the Women’s Murder Club Series.

Also of note is that 2 other characters have reached “Series” status.  Now Michael Bennett the Detective character that started out in Step on a Crack has 2 other books.  His popularity may allow it to rival Alex Cross someday.  In the Young Adults category Daniel X has also made it to Series level.  James Patterson continues to produce books that captivate his audience.  Discover his books at

The other specials this month revolve around Leadership, Motivation and Achievement.  These areas and books are timeless so explore them on our discounts page.  Also on special this month is the Newbury Award Winning Children’s Book Sounder by Willam B. Armstrong.

Enjoy!  Next we will be updating our Halloween Audio Book offerings…

Clemente – A Famous Hispanic Story on Audio

Roberto Clemente Bio on AudioFamous Hispanics abound in today’s society though we rarely shine a spotlight on them as brightly as during Hispanic Heritage Month which takes place between September 15th and October 15th each year. Much of the focus is on the Hispanic and Latino contributions to the world of entertainment like Jennifer Lopez, Salma Hayek, Shakira and George Lopez just off the top of the head.  There would be quite a few people on this list.

When it comes to sports though the rising contributions of baseball players from Hispanic countries like Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic can not be denied.  If you are a baseball fan, even a young one you would be able to spout out the names of famous Hispanic baseball players like David Ortiz, Alex Rodriguez, and Manny Ramirez just to name a few.  Before they all came along Roberto Clemente paved the way.

We are spotlighting the David Maraniss biography on the life of Roberto Clemente.  A famous Hispanic baseball player that unfortunately died at the young age of 38 while attempting to deliver relief supplies to the victims of an earthquake in Nicaragua back in 1972.  He was an unexpected humanitarian.  Though his death was tragic and noteworthy it was his life that highlighted what one person can do both for his country of Puerto Rico and his chosen sport of baseball.

Though he was not recognized in life as he was after his death Clemente broke down many barriers for both Hispanic baseball players and Hispanic sports figures overall.  Looking back on his career he achieved many baseball milestones including making it into the 3000 hit club during the season that preceded his death.

We highly recommend this audio book not just for it’s historic significance for Hispanics but also as a review of an impressive Hall of Fame baseball career.  Download Clemente on Audio Today.

Hispanic Heritage Month 2010 Audio Book Spotlight