2012 Audies Awards List Grows

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The 2012 Audies Award nominations were announced last month by the Audio Publishers Association.  Though many notable lists of books exist I have always found this award nominee list the best source of what audio books should be put on my listening list.  Entries to this award list continues to grow.  I will admit though I don’t need a reason to listen to Tina Fey.  I have always been a big fan and her biography making the nomination list for the AudioBook of the Year  should be no real surprise.

The competition for this award though is impressive with previous winner Neil Gaiman’s American Gods in the mix and timely release of the Steve Jobs biography.  Neil Gaiman won back in 2009 for the GraveYard Book.  We highlighted his novel approach back then of actually allowing people to listen to it for free online.  The AudioBook of the Year category of late has been highlighting not just the quality of the listening experience but the innovative ways that audio books are being marketed.  BossyPants benefited from not just traditional marketing channels but a social media campaign as well.  Of course in this category you also need to have had a “significant sales impact” for the audio books industry.

For the Distinguished Achievement in Production Award the focus is more on the quality of the production itself.  This year’s list includes narrators like Val Kilmer (The Mark of Zorro) and Caroline Kennedy (She Walks in Beauty).  We have updated the AudioBook of the Year page to reflect the 2012 nominees for not just that category but also for Distinguished Achievement in Production because these books are also considered to be the best the audio book industry has to offer.

The winners of the 2012 Audies will be announced on June 5th at the New York Historical Society in New York.  The Audio Publishers Association is in charge of the Audies Awards and Gala.  If you are a big fan you can purchase tickets to the event whether you are a member or not.  More information can be found at AudioPub.org.  You can also get a full list of the nominees in all of the Audies Awards categories in their Press Release.

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