July 2010 Audio Books Specials – Culinary Arts Month

This post is to update everyone on the audio book discounts that are highlighted for the month of July 2010.  Summer is such a fun time for listening to audio books.  Typically we have more free time than usual(which I know at times isn’t much).  A fun “listen” would be Sex and the City which is based on the series on HBO(or is that vice versa?)  that has spawned a series of movies.  As a special treat you can hear the series own Cynthia Nixon as the narrator.  She plays the lawyer in the series and the 2 movies.  This month you can download the Sex and the City audio book for under $12 US.

Nora Roberts and Sandra Brown continue to make the list of audio book specials with Hidden Riches and Breath of Scandal.  Check out our other audio book specials for the month.

Though we do have one food focused book on our discounts page, Superfoods Healthstyle.  I wanted to recommend some Julia Child’s audio books in the spirit of Culinary Arts Month.  You are probably most familiar with the recent take on the Julia Child story because of the movie Julie and Julia which stars both Meryl Streep and the wonderful Amy Adams.  We do offer Julia and Julia on audio but I also wanted to point out the Julia Child biography as well.  Written by Laura Shapiro it gives insight into Julia Child’s improbable success story.  You can get a 25% discount if you use the coupon code getcaughtlistening .  This code will be active at least until the end of August as part of our support for the Get Caught Listening campaign.

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