Humor on Audio and April 2010 Audio Book Discounts

David Sedaris Box SetAudio books to make you laugh, now that is something that everyone needs.  April is National Humor Month so we want to highlight our Humor and Comedy audio books at

National Humor Month was started back in 1976 by best selling humorist Larry Wilde.  It was designed to raise public awareness about the benefits of laughter in areas ranging from Health to Communication.  I personally agree since I make it a point of watching sitcom reruns whenever life is getting to stressful.  The laughter is truly therapeutic.

Our Humor and Comedy audio books include a wide range of both British(like Monty Python) and American favorites.  David Sedaris fits in both categories since he was born in the United States but currently lives in London.  His essay collections made it to the New York Times Best Seller list.  This month we are offering The Ultimate David Sedaris Box Set at a significant discount with our April Audio Book Discounts.  The collection includes 6 of his essay collections so you should definitely take advantage.  If you add the special coupon code humor at checkout you can save an additional 20% of your single order.

The most popular books in the Humor category tend to be in Political Satire but we also have biographies that are considered comedies as well.  Steve Martin’s memoirs on his years in stand up comedy is a good example, Born Standing Up: Steve Martin.

Other offerings this month include JA Jance’s Trial by Fire and Michael Connelly’s The Narrows.  If you are a fan of The Secret you may find the Spiritual Liberation audio book by Michael Bernard Beckwith of interest too.  Check out the audio books discount page for the full list of this month’s offerings.

Don’t forget to laugh, not only on this National Humor Month but every day.  It truly can make a world of difference.

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