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Ghost Stories To Chill The Spine

One of the most well-known series of Ghost Stories was written by M.R. James of England.  Though he died back in 1936 his stories have continued to be popular especially in Britain.  They make a great addition to our list of Halloween Audio Books. The Complete Ghost Stories audio books are narrated by David Collings […]


Kids Halloween Stories on Audio

Putting on a good Halloween movie might not be the best choice for entertaining children.  Halloween audio books can make for a better choice as a Halloween season activity.  Many of us remember sitting around a campfire as counselors scared us with stories about monsters and ghosts.  That is the same type of feeling listening […]


Vampire Stories Not Just for Halloween

Vampire Stories continue to be popular and in many ways have become timeless.  Though monsters like Vampires are popular during the Halloween season, the Vampire has evolved over time to be a character that can be inserted in any setting and any time period.  Vampire stories like Twilight and the Vampire Diaries have brought the […]


Halloween Audio Books to Make You Scream

Halloween month is upon us and we have compiled a list of audio books to help you enjoy the horror and fun that Halloween is all about.  If you have sat around a campfire and listened to a scary or spooky story you know that there is childlike fun in being scared out of your […]