The 2009 Audies® Awards Being Announced Tomorrow

trophyThe Audies® are being held tomorrow evening in New York.  Regretably I will not be attending this year but have high hopes to do so next year.  The Audie Award ceremony is the kickoff to the most visible time for the audiobook industry.

The Audio Publishers Association also sponsors June as National Audio Book Month.  Libraries and stores across the country will be offering ways of using and buying audio books.  Increased visibility to the audio book industry is still much required.  Not enough people have been exposed to the benefits of listening to audiobooks.  I am hoping the APA will send out a press release by June 1st to remind everyone to help spread the word.

Last year the Association of American Publishers(AAP) added the Get Caught Listening Campaign to their Get Caught Reading Campaign efforts.  Technically May is Get Caught Reading month and June is Get Caught Listening month but both campaigns are supposed to go year round to increase visibility to the pleasures of reading and listening.

We look forward to the Audie Award announcements and to the Month of June where we will be offering incentives to our customers at CreateTimeAudio.  We will be offering special discounts in honor of National Audio Book Month.

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