Are All Books Created in Audiobook Format?

questionsmA question that comes up time to time is whether we have a certain book in our catalog?  The answer to that is threefold.

Firstly not all books are created in audio book format.  The audiobook format is not always good for all types of books.  A good example of that are books like textbooks but even some new books are not good candidates.  Reif Larsen recently wrote a book “The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet” which includes many drawings and maps as part of the story line.  He deemed it not a good candidate for audio so that book currently does not have audio rights for stores to buy.

Secondly some older books were never made into audio books so interest needs to be strong enough to motivate an audio book publisher to go back and produce that book in audio book format.  So in this case audio book availability will depend on the audience for the book.

The third reason for our own store as with all audio book stores is the availability of a book depends on the publisher and the deals they have struck with a given store or set of stores.  At CreateTimeAudio we do our best to provide as many audio books as we can and have one of the biggest catalogs online which we add on to regularly.

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