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The 2009 Audies® Awards Being Announced Tomorrow

The Audies® are being held tomorrow evening in New York.  Regretably I will not be attending this year but have high hopes to do so next year.  The Audie Award ceremony is the kickoff to the most visible time for the audiobook industry. The Audio Publishers Association also sponsors June as National Audio Book Month.  […]


Are Audio Book Sales Decreasing?

The Association of American Publishers released their estimated sales data for the month of March 2009 which includes audio books.  It was not surprising that they reported a decrease in sales from last March to this March.  The recession is affecting everyone and audio books and even books in general can be considered a luxury […]


Are All Books Created in Audiobook Format?

A question that comes up time to time is whether we have a certain book in our catalog?  The answer to that is threefold. Firstly not all books are created in audio book format.  The audiobook format is not always good for all types of books.  A good example of that are books like textbooks […]


Audiobook Discounts for May 2009

This post is to update you that the May 2009 audiobooks discount page has been updated. This month we have a new author to our special offers from CreateTimeAudio.  I don’t remember us offering a discount on any of Shakespeares audio books.  This month we have discounted the classics “Julius Caesar” and “As you Like […]


Kindle DX – The Ultimate Reading Device?

As mentioned in the previous post Amazon planned to announce their new Kindle yesterday and indeed they did.  It is not the “Kindle 3” but the Kindle DX.  I have included a video of the announcement by Jeff Bezos that was put up on Youtube.  Nothing new really came out on the audiobook side.  You […]