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We have been reviewing some of our frequently asked questions from the CreateTimeAudio store and have found that there are still some who think that audio books are not being produced for most books.  This is not the case.  The growth of the audio book industry continues as cited in the Audio Publisher Association’s September 15, 2008 press release:

This year’s Sales Survey showed a 12 percent increase over 2006, with audiobook sales
now estimated at $1,033,760,000 billion
. Thanks in part to blockbuster audiobook
releases in 2007, the growth rate doubled since the previous findings which showed a 6
percent increase from 2005.

With this growth comes a demand for books to be produced in the audio book format.  Even some of the older books are finding new life in this format.

In order to help our users browse our catalog online we have added an audiobook download categories page so that visitors can see the breadth of titles now being produced in many niche categories.

Please feel free to let us know how we can further help you explore our titles.  Please also keep in mind that we also offer downloadable pdf catalogs that can be viewed offline at TheAudioBooksCatalog site.

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