Gifts for Audiobook Lovers 2008 Update

Last year around this time I wrote how Audio Book Gifts can be given in many different ways.  That post still applies this year.  I still recommend the following ways to give audio books as gifts:

  1. Download and burn to CD, package them and give them as a physical gift.
  2. Download them onto a new digital/mp3 player that you buy as a gift.  If you choose the IPod buy an ITunes gift certificate to add both audio books and music to your gift.
  3. Buy audio book gift memberships at places like Audible, EMusic or SimplyAudioBooks.

This year I have decided to look at gifts that will enhance the way that audio book users manage their audio books and listen to their audio books.  One tool that I have always found useful in managing my audio book burning is Roxio Creator.  This is what I have used to burn the audio books that we download from CreateTimeAudio.  As mentioned in last years post I burn the audio books for my husband and my mother in law and the Roxio Creator software makes it much more straightforward than even some of the free software like Window Media.

The reason I decided to mention it this year is that they came up with an upgrade that will make it even more useful for us audio book fans.  As they state with the Roxio Creator 2009 you will be able to:

Convert audiobook CDs, complete with chapters and bookmarks, for easy playback on iTunes, iPod, iPhone and other portable players.

They even offer a small pdf tutorial on how you can convert not only your CDs but also any non-copy-protected audiobook downloads for free sites like Project Gutenberg.  I can not emphasize how great this is for those that love to listen to audio!

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