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Childrens Audio Books Ideal for Vacation Travel

Childrens audio books have saved my sanity a time or two. I have 2 young children 5 and 7 and like most kids this age they constantly need to be entertained. In February I took my first vacation trip with both kids to visit my parents in Puerto Rico. I had actually taken my daughter […]


The Secret Audio Book Reviewed

Does the Secret by Rhonda Byrne really change lives? If you look at the press coverage of the stories of people who have read, listened to or seen the DVD for the Secret you would come to the conclusion that the book touches a need that people have been desperate for. I listened to the […]


Audio Book Specials for July 2008

This post is to announce the audio book specials for the month of July 2008. The audio book discounts page has been updated. We have kept the 20% coupon up in honor of the Get Caught Listening Campaign through this month. This month I have decided to highlight the specials offered on titles by Terry […]


The 4 Hour Work Week Audio Book Review

The 4 hour work week is a great contribution to the area of time management and in many ways life and career management. I actually listened to this book when it was originally released back in mid 2007. It is a good fit for the audio book format since most self help books are easy […]