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The Association of American Publishers recently announced the "Get Caught Listening" campaign aimed at increasing the awareness for the audio book format.  We are very excited about this campaign which is scheduled to start in June.  Though the use of audio books continues to increase there is some confusion and misinformation about them.  Most of it revolves around choosing to listen to a book  versus reading books themselves.  The latest statistics published by the Audio Publishers Association shows an estimated 6% growth in audio books sales from 2005 to 2006.  More updated information will be provided sometime in the summer but I don’t doubt that it will show continued growth.

Having the AAP kick off the "Get Caught Listening" campaign and separating it from their "Get Caught Reading" campaign is a sign that the publishing industry is seeing the complementary value of reading and listening to books.  Like their almost 10 year "Get Caught Reading" campaign the goal is to increase awareness, availability and the value of listening to books in all their different formats ranging from downloads to CDs.  The main focus will be on all the joys and the benefits of listening to audio books.

"Get Caught Listening"
is incorporating recorded messages from authors like Frank McCourt, LL Cool J and Valerie Bertinelli just to name a few.  As mentioned in my post "Audio Book Benefits for the Classroom" the value of audio books as an educational learning tools is also addressed in the AAP press release.  I have often received feedback from misinformed parents that listening to audio books may decrease the desire for a child to actually read a book.  The Milken Family foundation study cited in AAP press release "found that [educational] programs that included the use of audio books improved children’s proficiency more than programs that did not use them."

As we at CreateTimeAudio gear up for National Audiobooks Month in June we will look for ways to get the word out on "Get Caught Listening" so stay tuned!


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  1. In honor of the AAP Get Caught Listening campaign we decided to offer a discount of 20% off all orders by using the discount code “listening” through July 31, 2008. Please feel free to pass the coupon code on.


  2. […] Though we do have one food focused book on our discounts page, Superfoods Healthstyle.  I wanted to recommend some Julia Child's audio books in the spirit of Culinary Arts Month.  You are probably most familiar with the recent take on the Julia Child story because of the movie Julie and Julia which stars both Meryl Streep and the wonderful Amy Adams.  We do offer Julia and Julia on audio but I also wanted to point out the Julia Child biography as well.  Written by Laura Shapiro it gives insight into Julia Child's improbable success story.  You can get a 25% discount if you use the coupon code getcaughtlistening .  This code will be active at least until the end of August as part of our support for the Get Caught Listening campaign. […]

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