Audio Book Discounts and Special Offers for May 2008

This post is to let you know we have updated our discount offers for the month of May 2008.  We have decided to change the way our discounts page works.  We have decided to highlight 6 titles that are on offer from CreateTimeAudio instead of the full inventory of possible discounted titles.  We have also added any special offers that we are aware of from other audio book stores.

We hope this will provide our readers with more complete options on where to buy or rent their audio books.  Though we own a downloadable audio book store we understand that if you are an avid listener you may want a less expensive option like renting or joining another type of audio book club.

We may rotate the 6 titles that are on offer in the middle of the month but I think it will depend on what titles are available and if I find them to be a good deal for our readers.

Please check out the audio book discounts page yourself.

The top 2 titles that got my interest this month were Die Trying by Lee Child and Power of Positive Thinking, The (Abridged – 4 hours) .  The latter is a classic and I chose it because recently I read an article that emphasized how we can positively effect how our bodies age, specifically how positive thinking makes our cells grow back stronger.  The opposite is also true in that negative thinking basically produces "toxins" that aid in the decay of our bodies.  Now I am not saying that this is scientifically proven or accurate but given my life experience I know how different I have felt overall when I am happy, positive and optimistic about life versus the opposite.

The Lee Child title is just one in the Jack Reacher series of books which are a great listen particularly due to the narration of Dick Hill.

Till next time…

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