Audio Book Benefits for the ClassRoom

Some people would consider using audio books in the classroom as a form of cheating but the audio book benefits far outweigh any negatives.  Though some children may like reading more than others there are many of us who hated to read as kids.  A bad experience with reading as a child may put one off of becoming a lifelong reader which for some of us would be a great tragedy.  Reading not only is enjoyable but from a learning perspective is so critical.

Audio books have now made it possible for children to access material that they don’t like to read in a format that may be easier and more enjoyable for them.  Experts in the educational sector have agreed that audio books in the classrooms may help some students more than normal books, especially those students who are just beginning to read or those who have difficulty in reading.

Below are 8 specific audio book benefits for their use in teaching:

1. Using audio books to teach children in school gives them “variety”. Constantly listening to the same voice may cause boredom or occasional zoning out.  A different voice will spice things up so to speak.

2. There are specific audio books prepared with children in mind that are not only educational but are meant to be very entertaining. These types of audio books make learning much more fun than normal teaching.

3. The teachers can play the audio book for the children while doing something else.  Using audio books to teach kids in school can give the teachers more time to prepare for the next lesson.

4. For children with reading difficulties, they can slowly follow the readings from audio books until they feel comfortable reading it themselves.

5. Recorded books save money. Instead of buying dozens of books for a classroom, just one audio book can be played for all the students in the classroom.  There are certain audio book rental services on the Internet, such as BooksFree that allow teachers to rent as many audio books as possible at very low cost. This is much more cost effective than having to buy even a single audio book.

6. Spoken word books that tell interesting stories are very helpful in times when the children have become too tired to read and study.

7. Children don’t particularly like printed books as much as they do audio books. It feels much more comfortable for them to “listen” to an audio book than “read” a book.

8. Audio books also have children deal with the pronunciation of certain words that they would have difficulty with when merely reading them. By hearing the pronunciation and seeing it printed, they would better grasp it.

All in all, most children find it a great deal of fun listening to a lesson on audio, rather than having to read it. That is why children would prefer watching movies or shows, rather than reading.  Of course, I am not saying that listening to audio books should replace reading.  They should be used to help foster not only the skill of reading but the love of reading as well.

More schools continue to embrace audio books as a teaching tool.  As less expensive options like renting have become available the audio book benefits for the classroom present a great case.

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