Business Audio Books Great For Continued Training

My career has had various stages but all of them have had a recurring theme. Lack of time has been pervasive and I know this is not just something that I struggle with. In the age of “let’s do more with less” rarely do we have the time to participate in offsite training and many companies may not even offer good onsite training. Even when you do take the time to participate you pay because you end up having to try to work more or harder to make up the time you spent participating in it. So what can you do? Listen to business audio books!

Business audio books are great for keeping up with all sorts of skills and latest trends on anything from management to sales and marketing to human resources. The available titles are endless. They also give you the flexibility of listening to them when you can. Whether it is during your commute or a flight on a business trip. They are typically abridged as well so you cut down on the time you would need to actually “read” the book.

Here are some good candidates for listening to business audio books:

1. How To Win Friends & Influence People – by Dale Carnegie

This classic book is of value to anyone in business since I can’t find a business where you would not have to learn to deal with people in some way to help you succeed.

2. It’s Not the Big That Eat the Small…It’s the Fast That Eat the Slow: How to Use Speed as a Competitive Tool in Business – by Jason Jennings and Laurence Haughton

So appropriate for today’s world of change. How to engineer an organization that can move quickly in the fast paced world of today. Be sure to click on the “See all 5 editions and formats” to get the audio version.

3. Management Challenges for the 21st Century – by Peter F. Drucker

The name says it all Peter Drucker is the name when it comes to business management and leadership. Being an expert of the industry and writing about it for an unbelievable 80 years, Drucker is not just talking from theory. This audio book thoroughly examines how business people can handle the management challenges coming in the 21st century. Be sure to look for the audio versions at the bottom of the description.

4. Winning – Jack Welch

You can’t deny that this guy knows how to win. You will appreciate his straight talk on what it takes to win in business.

5. Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap… and Others Don’t – by Jim Collins

You can’t argue with the fact that “without the techniques and strategies, no company or business can excel beyond a few days, weeks or even months”. Businesses and companies that have stood the test of time for many years know what to do and they have done it right. Jim Collins took the time to conduct extensive researches into how and what companies did to maintain success for many long years, while their counterparts failed within a few months or years of starting up. The power of the information contained within this audio book can help any business person to succeed. Be sure to look for the audio versions at the bottom of the description.

These are just 5 audio books that can do a lot for your business and career. As you move forward in your career business audio books can make a significant difference in your career or your business. For good measure I will throw in 2 more books that I have found insightful in framing the way I think about business and how we all fit into the business world.

The World Is Flat [Updated and Expanded]: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century – Thomas Friedman

Though some may not agree with it all as I found out with one of my husbands business colleagues. It opened my eyes into our new place in the world order and how we must fight to compete. Be sure to look for the audio versions at the bottom of the description.

E Myth Mastery – Michael Gerber

Essential for the small business owner who can’t see the forest for the trees.

I would love to hear other’s recommendations as well!

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